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We would like to share with you our love for vitreous enamel, handcrafted jewellery and the inspirations behind Fiona Rae designs.



All jewellery designs (unless otherwised stated) belong to Fiona Rae. Please do not use images without permission.

By Fiona Rae Jewellery, Feb 7 2017 03:34PM

Diamonds have long been a token of love; an enduring symbol of a relationship. In this months issue of

Hertfordshire Life Magazine, Keri Jordan interviews Fiona to discover the the importace of the jewellery making process and the diamond selection process that Fiona guides her customers through.

By Fiona Rae Jewellery, Jun 19 2015 12:36PM

Spring 2015 has been all about the new at Fiona Rae. We have recently had a makeover in the studio and shop as well as Fiona making some amazing new designs which has granted us a place at Goldsmith's Fair this coming September. It all transpired at the right time, just when the dust began to settle we heard the exciting news that The Prince of Wales would be coming to visit us!

It was now late May and we were ready for this very special occassion. With the shop looking it's best we took our time displaying all our new jewellery designs and Fiona began making a special gift for The Prince.

On the 26th of May the sun was shining on the gounds of Hatfield House and Fiona welcomed The Prince with Lord and Lady Salisbury into our shop and Studio. Fiona showed the Prince around our workshop area where we enamel and make our jewellery.

As a gift Fiona made The Prince a pair of Magna Carta cufflinks and pin from our latest collection designed to mark the 800th anniversary this June.

It was a wonderful day and with the recent shop makeover it marked a special time for Fiona Rae jewellery.

By Fiona Rae Jewellery, Jan 16 2015 03:48PM

At Fiona Rae we are back into full swing for 2015. We had an amazing 2014 with the launch of our new website, exhibiting at Country Living Fair, making some beautiful bespoke jewellery and creating some new designs such as the Moth Collection.

This year we have already been busy with new commissions and we can't wait to show you some new cufflink designs and engagement rings. With Fiona's family contacts we are able to source some amazing and unique diamonds.

When I asked Fiona if she has any yellow diamonds she did not hesitate in sourcing a stunning 0.70 carat GIA certificated natural intense yellow cushion cut diamond. We knew it deserved a very special setting and Fiona began designing a ring for this amazing stone. This diamond is a naturally coloured yellow stone and comes with a certificate to prove it's authenticity. The halo of white diamonds show off the intensity that sparkles within the diamond, and the soft grey platinum accentuates the natural colour.

I have heard that a pale yellow pantone is the colour for spring 2015 and this piece would be perfect for those looking for a unique ring. This muted yellow works beautifully with a platinum grey colour. We love this colour and we often use it in our enamelled cufflinks and jewellery such as our pale yellow Arabesque chain cufflinks. These elegant sterling silver hand-enamelled cufflinks could make the perfect gift for a 2015 groom.

By Fiona Rae Jewellery, Aug 6 2014 03:56PM

Hello everyone!

We have all had our hands full recently, which meant that our blog was momentarily neglected (sorry!), and it was decided that a little update is due.

Today we recieved a smile inducing email from some clients as a thanks for their recent bespoke commission of an engagement ring (included below)! They had fallen in love with a previous commission when visiting the shop on a visit to Hatfield House, and decided that they wanted a ring in a similar style.

It was blatant to both us and our clients from the start this was going to be a special ring and Fiona aimed to create a timeless piece which will (hopefully!) be treasured for generations to come!

They booked an appointment with us to discuss their very own dream engagement ring and Fiona then proceeded to ask her husband (a diamond specialist) to source the ultimate diamond within the price range. A second meeting was arranged where Fiona showed the couple a selection of cherry picked diamonds.

After assisting them choose their favourite stone (a very difficult decision seeing as each one was unique!), the ring was designed around their chosen diamond.

Shortly after Qian and Raj recieved their engagement ring, they sent us this email:

'Hello Fiona,

Please find attached a picture of Qian wearing the ring.

We'd both like to thank you for making this beautiful ring for us. It is absolutely stunning, perfect in every way. The service we received was exceptional and we certainly would not hesitate in recommending your services. We hope to see you soon for the commissioning of our wedding rings!

Thanks again

Qian and Raj'

I think that we can safely say that our favourite part of the job is witnessing the delight of a client seeing their finished commission for the first time, and we love to hear your thoughts on all our handcrafted products!

We would like to wish Qian and Raj the best of luck in the future!

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